What is a bamboo ceiling?

Bamboo ceiling is a ceiling made from bamboo materials, which can be bamboo slats, bamboo slats, bamboo roots or bamboo blinds. The ceiling system made of bamboo brings a close, eye-catching scene with a firm and supple structure. The ceiling designs are diverse in style, making the space unique, merging with nature. This type of ceiling is being popular for houses, restaurants, resorts, shops…

Some people mistakenly believe that bamboo-clad ceilings will gradually wither and break easily over time. Since then, they believe that this is not the ideal type of ceiling, but that view is completely wrong. Because bamboo is 2-3 times more resilient than wood, its lifespan is up to a hundred years. Therefore, decorating bamboo ceilings is a wise choice if you want the ceiling to be both beautiful – durable – cool.

Characteristics and structure of bamboo ceilings

The structure of the bamboo ceiling includes the following 3 parts:

Cylindrical skeleton: This is the skeleton used to create the preliminary shape of the ceiling, the main effect is to hang the plasterboard. This part helps to increase the bearing capacity, increase the toughness and sustainability of the ceiling.

Bamboo Sticks/Nan/Mat/Bamboo Rods: Bamboo sheets or rods are connected to the frame with a specialized nail gun. Thereby helping the ceiling create a beautiful flat block, closely linked with the skeleton.

Coating layer: To increase the smoothness and even color of the ceiling to help create aesthetics for the ceiling.

Types of bamboo ceilings
There are several types of bamboo ceilings that are highly applicable for residential spaces, hotels and restaurants, which are:

Bamboo clad ceiling.
Bamboo curtain ceiling.
Bamboo ceiling.
Bamboo ceiling.
Ceiling made of bamboo materials.

Advantages – disadvantages

Increase the brightness, create an elegant and rustic space for the house, with a variety of beautiful designs.
Has a simple structure that makes construction very easy, suitable for all spaces and areas.
The cost of installation, repair and warranty of the ceiling is quite cheap, the completion time is quick.
The certainty is high because there is a supporting skeleton system, firmly pinned to the sunken ceiling.
When the ceiling is locked with a new layer of bamboo materials, the room seems to be upgraded in terms of durability and effective heat resistance.

Soundproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, the original ceiling needs to ensure good water resistance from the beginning.
The installation must be done by a professional and skilled construction team. Consideration should be given when choosing a cheap ceiling construction unit to avoid undesirable consequences.

Should I make a bamboo ceiling or not?

In the trend of environmentally friendly green architecture. It is the top decoration for many projects. This type of ceiling brings traditional beauty, rustic simplicity but very elegant. The ability to bend and long durability makes the ceiling covered with bamboo have many unique and eye-catching styles. From the elements that make the ceiling of bamboo create a peaceful space, full of Vietnamese flavor.

Bring many cultural values, high aesthetic. It is a harmonious combination between man and nature. The cost of being made from bamboo ceilings is cheaper than other types of ceilings but not inferior in luxury beauty.