With the current epidemic situation, the use of disposable products has become too familiar. However, to find a product that both meets disposable needs but is also capable of protecting the environment, instead of using plastic and styrofoam, you can refer to bagasse boxes.

What is bagasse box?

Bagasse box is a very hot product at Vietnam. This is a disposable box product, for storing raw or cooked food. The product is made 100% from bagasse fiber. Commits that the raw materials are completely recycled from bagasse, do not use plastic or styrofoam affecting health. Thanks to the source of clean materials completely taken from nature, the bagasse box has the ability to protect the environment and biodegrade in a short time. In addition to Vietnam, countries around the world are now gradually preferring the use of bagasse box products over products made from plastic or styrofoam.

Bagasse box is a new solution, to join hands to protect the environment. Using bagasse box helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste every day. At the same time, bagasse box is also a solution to help reduce the amount of microplastic absorbed into the body. Because when hot food is put into a plastic box, the amount of toxins in the plastic and foam box will seep into the food. Over time, this toxin accumulates more and causes cancer.
Currently, to serve all the needs of customers, this bagasse box product has continuously innovated in terms of design, design and color but the price is very affordable. Therefore, this product is not inferior to previous plastic products. 

Why use bagasse box?

There are many reasons for us to use bagasse boxes instead of plastic and foam boxes:

  • Environmentally friendly products, helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the process of living
  • Does not produce harmful substances when exposed to high temperatures like other synthetic plastic containers. Therefore, it brings safety to consumers’ health. The product has high heat resistance (about 250 degrees Celsius), so customers are extremely assured of the quality. With completely natural production materials, the quality of the product is even more added. During the storage process will not produce carcinogenic substances. 
  • Moreover, the box is also very effective against water and oil.
  • Self-degradable: The product has the ability to decompose very quickly, much more than plastic products. In addition, the humus after decomposition of the product can be used as a fertilizer for the soil. Help the land to be more lush and fertile, so that it can be used for cultivation. 
  • Various models, designs and colors meet all the needs of consumers.
  • Affordable price. Thanks to the utilization of recycled materials from bagasse, the product cost is not too high. Therefore, you can own a large amount to use every day.

However, this bagasse box still has certain disadvantages:

  • If the material is not completely dried, mold can be formed if left for a long time. In the bagasse fiber, there is usually still a small amount of residual sugar, which is a favorable condition for microorganisms.
  • To bond the bagasse fibers, glue must be used. This glue can be harmful to health if the processing technology is not strict.