How many types of Coconut Bowls Wholesale Made in Vietnam?

Today, the need to use natural and environmentally friendly products is a green living trend that many people are aiming for. Therefore, natural products are the first choice of many people in shopping. In particular, coconut bowls wholesale are chosen by many consumers because they possess many outstanding advantages as follows:

  • Ensure absolute safety for users.
  • Friendly to the natural environment.
  • There is diversification in product models.
  • Easy to use for many different purposes.
  • The aesthetic of the product is high, giving the user unique beauty.
  • The product can be used repeatedly and for a long time.

With creativity, artisans have creatively combined eco-friendly natural ingredients, giving birth to many kinds of wholesale coconut bowls such as: Natural Coconut Bowl, Hand-Carved Coconut Bowl, Eggshell inlaid coconut bowl, Mother of pearl inlaid coconut bowl, coconut candle bowl, coconut soap dish, coconut candle holder.

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  1. Mother of Pearl Coconut Bowls Hand Made in Bulk in Vietnam

The mother of pearl coconut shell bowl made from natural coconut shell material combined with traditional lacquer and pearl inlay has become unique and eye-catching products with diverse colors and designs for you to choose freely. choose.

The lacquered coconut bowl inlaid with pearls is very useful, especially a small but unique gift for worldwide tourists, Worldwide Buyer.

Our experienced artisans can customize the pattern that is inlaid on the coconut bowl at wholesale prices to your request.

Customize the texture, color, and size of the coconut bowl.

We have models that are selling well in each country’s market.

  1. Eggshell Coconut Bowls Wholesale Bulk in Vietnam

We collect all the Eggshell from Egg Company in Vietnam then clean

Our skilled artisans use cleaned Eggshell, then they stick the Eggshells by hand on the inside and outside of the coconut shell.

Our artisans have created unique shapes from eggshells to make it special.

We can make the Eggshell coconut bowl according to the customer’s request and can make the logo that the customer requires.

With Eggshell coconut bowls you can decorate anywhere: from living room, bedroom, kitchen to balcony…. As a material with high durability, light and elegant colors, natural origin, it is easy to use and suitable for many decorative spaces.

  1. Lacquered Metallic Coconut Bowls Wholesaler in Vietnam

The main ingredient to create a coconut bowl is that the artisan will stick the gold leaves on the surface of the coconut bowl and then cover it with glossy paint

The metallic coconut shell bowl is created by the ingenuity of the artisans’ hands from the simple and rustic coconut shell, which, when passed through the hands of Vietnamese artisans, has become unique and strange products

Artists can customize the color and especially the glossy or matte coating according to the customer’s requirements.

With Our 13 years of experience, lacquer coconut bowl are selling well along with natural coconut bowls, egg inlaid coconut bowls, and mother of pearl inlaid coconut bowls

4. Lacquered Coconut Bowls Wholesale Prices in Vietnam

Artists will use pens and paints to draw colorful patterns on the coconut bowl.

The Lacquered coconut shell bowl is meticulously painted to ensure eye-catching, delicate and durable lacquer colors.

Artists can paint at the request of buyers of coconut bowls

5. Coconut Shell Candles Wholesale in Vietnam

Not only providing a “chill” lifestyle, improving health but also replacing your night lights.

6. Hand Carved Coconut Bowls Wholesale Made in Vietnam

Retailers are looking for the top best selling engrave coconut shell bowl then we will present you the best

Besides mother of pearl inlaid, eggshell inlaid and lacquered coconut bowls, our carved coconut bowls are popular with customers

These natural carved coconut bowls will satisfy your needs, a great idea for a healthy breakfast if you combine a coconut bowl and coconut cutlery sets

7. Natural Coconut Bowls Wholesale Made in Vietnam

The natural coconut bowl is fully hand-finished and double-sided with virgin coconut oil.

Although there are no patterns or external embellishments, the Natural coconut bowl is the first choice of goods for those who love simplicity thanks to its natural beauty. recently, honestly.

Coconut bowls wholesale is available in many sizes: Mini size, Medium Size, Large size, this will be the best choice for all ages and all families.


With more than 13 years of experience in making coconut bowls wholesale, Viet D.E.L.T.A Handicraft Co.Ltd. hopes that the article is workable for your retailing business, and brings eco-friendly coconut bowls with different product lines to global customers.
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