Rattan baskets are often used as home decorations in many different spaces. Make the space neat and orderly, making it a friend of the interior, very beautiful and functional.

With many different designs and never seems to go out of style. The rattan baskets have many different shapes, colors and sizes depending on the ingenuity of the craftsman to suit the preferences of each person.

What are the advantages of rattan baskets compared to other types of baskets made of other materials?

Environmental friendliness

Rattan is one of the most readily available natural materials in the world. This is because rattan grows easily and grows at a fairly high rate. Rattan in general also requires little maintenance, both in terms of harvesting and transportation. The way to harvest rattan usually only relies on some simple mining tools and is easy to move from one place to another. This means that rattan is not only an eco-friendly natural material, but also leaves little negative impact on the harvesting and shipping business. Compared with plastic materials, rattan baskets are much more friendly to the environment around us.


One of the most outstanding properties of rattan is its flexibility. If you put a lot of things in the basket at once, the rattan basket can not only hold a lot of things, but also won’t lose its original shape. No need to worry about your rattan basket bent, broken or damaged because rattan is truly versatile for all your storage needs.


Compared to bamboo or plastic, rattan is also more resistant to abrasion, especially for outdoor purposes. The rattan basket that you use to decorate the table in the garden can be used for a long time because rattan can withstand many different types of weather. If handled properly, rattan baskets can also be used for many years.

Easy to maintain

One of the advantages of rattan is its ease of maintenance. For decorative baskets made of rattan, usually just dusting with a regular cloth is enough. For more perfect results, you can also use regular wet wipes. Thus, your rattan basket will last longer.

Decorations suitable for any space 

Rattan baskets are also often used as home decorations for many different spaces. Its clean, calm and tidy appearance makes it a friend of a rather eye-catching and highly functional interior. Rattan basket can also be dyed and combined with fabric as a sweet room.

Good price 

Due to the abundance of rattan material, it is a relatively inexpensive development for the general public. Since rattan is very rare, the price of this material is also very affordable.

In addition, variations of rattan baskets never seem to go out of fashion. Depending on the creativity of the craftsman, rattan baskets have many different shapes, colors and sizes to suit the preferences of different people. If you have another opinion about this advantage of the rattan basket, please share it in the comment section.


Creating baskets of clouds opens up a world of possibilities. Rattan baskets can be used for a variety of purposes, including decoration, storage, laundry baskets, baby baskets and pet beds, as well as being used as shopping baskets.

With all the benefits of wicker baskets over other types of baskets, it’s no surprise that rattan basket items are popular all over the world. As one of the useful bamboo and rattan crafts, rattan basket products are becoming more and more popular and sought after by fans .

With all the advantages of wicker baskets over other baskets, it’s no wonder that rattan baskets are popular all over the world. The rattan basket product is increasingly loved and sought by fans because it is one of the very useful rattan handmade items.